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Dec. 21st, 2012 doomsday? Planet X? Nibiru? HAARP? Whats going on?

After much searching n watching so many utube videos, reading n looking for truth, praying for truth n wisdom, I have reached these conclusions...
1. Nibiru or planet X is real and IS in our solar system now. You can actually see it now. NASA is admitting it now. People are trying to prepare for a very scary future. The effects of this "wormwood" as the Bible calls it, Destroyer I think the Mayans called it, are being felt n seen all over the world.
2.The "Elite" of the world are busy building underground places to live in while planet x or Nibiru is in our neighborhood, causing total planet meltdown. This behavior is also mentioned in the Bible, Rev. 9 where the people are said to " cry out for the rocks n mountains to cover us" not direct quote. But it lines up with scripture.
3. Strange weather, really weird, unusual things happening like all varieties of animals showing up dead or dieing all around the world for the past two years. Evidence that the presence of another planet is causing havoc with the directional navigation built into animals that use magnetism to traverse the planet.
4. Proof that earths magnetic shield is eroding to the point that the suns actually able to send us solar-flares that result in weather abnormalities all over the globe. This too is in Rev.s in Bible, that 1/3 of the animals are killed.
5. Its said as this planet gets even closer we will have such an erosion of earths magnetic shield that the earth will completely flip around and change its axis. This causes every kind of weather problems known. Earthquakes world wide, hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding and drought, mountains rise up from the sea and other places sink. Volcanoes erupting everywhere at the same time. Its supposed to cause the earth to come to a standstill for a few days, also backed up by scripture.
6. It makes no difference if you are the president taking refuge in an underground mansion, if you don't know Jesus, you won't survive this coming Apocalypse . Also in Bible.
7. Everything is lining up for the return of Jesus Christ. All of it. Even the evil men called anti-Christ in Bible and Illuminati or free mason in the world. All coming in to focus as we, this united states, comes under God's wrath and judgement for sins we have committed.
8. We are lied to. The media is controlled by a select few, all under the same authority, Satan or the beast. So people can go along with no idea of what is the coming destruction of life as we know it, not the end of the world but a close 2nd. This too is prophesied  that as it was in the days of Noah, destruction will come upon us unaware. All bringing into view the plans for the NWO. New World Order. It's all been per-ordained n all we can do is be prepared.
9. The Bible says before all this doom and Christ returns to put an end to world war 3, His people, those who have chosen Christ as their savior and Lord, those people will escape the coming judgement. The Bible explains we will simply disappear, be translated (raptured) right out of earth and into heaven. Then complete evil will rein on earth as God's people who were praying and holding back the evil, are no longer hear and the Holy Spirit of God will be gone from this earth. Those who haven't received Jesus Christ as their Lord will be still on earth. How will the government explain all the people disappearing? UFOs!! Yes, we were all abducted by aliens. If you've never read the last book of the Bible, called Revelations, you will believe this lie.
10. The only way to escape this earthly hell then the real Hell, (yes hell is a real place) is by believing in Jesus, believe He was the son of God, repenting of your sins, confessing your sins, asking Jesus Christ to save you. If you don't know Him as Lord and Savior, ask him to show you He is real. He will show you the truth if you ask Him.

R U Tired?

We are tri-part beings. We are body, soul, & Spirit. If you are neglecting any one of those parts of yourself, you are out of balance. Just as a car needs gas and oil to function properly, our bodies need fuel and maintenance.  
The soul is your mind, your will and your emotions. Those things are effected by the environment around us. Surround yourself with people who swear alot and you will automatically begin to find yourself swearing. What goes in the ear, in that kind of regular abundance, eventually will come out the mouth. Think of yourself as a giant sponge, you absorb what you are around. If you live in a toxic place, you will  become toxic yourself. Our minds and bodies absorb and so does our spirit. If you are sharing time with a depressed person, eventually that will begin to effect your spirit. A person who is filled with the Holy Spirit of God, will rub off on you. They will make you feel good, make you laugh and feel hopeful, see life with possibilities and be positive. A person without the Holy Spirit is at the mercy of this world, and all it's corruptions. You can become corrupted by evil if that is where you are hanging your hat, or laying down at night. God loves us all equally, not one is loved more than another and He is an equal opportunity God. He will welcome you in to his kingdom with open arms. He will take the mess you've made and make it your message of hope for others. But He is a jealous God and he won't share you with this world. There is a price to pay, to be in His presence. But it's worth the price. He won't force himself on you though, he waits for you to ask. So, tired of the headache and the heartache? Tired of fear and anger and rejection and hopelessness ruling your life? Tired of being sick and tired? What are you waiting for???? ASK!!!

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